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Learn what it's like to do somatic-style coaching with Annabelle and unwind a specific emotional pattern over the course of one month.



The body is miraculous.

The body holds your truth.

The body is the gateway to your intuition.

The body is also designed to stay alive.

Patterns is about moving “stuckness” through the body rather than the mind.

Patterns is the slow and gentle introduction to the deeper layer of your healing.

Patterns is a 4-week embodiment experience for emotional wellbeing.

Choosing to work with your Patterns means reconnecting to the wisdom of your body and moving the loudest pattern holding you back from living aligned with your purpose.

Each session is unique to the individual. The purpose of Patterns is to track one specific thing in your life and unwind the pattern in your system, bringing whatever the unconscious block is to the surface to be loved on and healed.

There’s a saying in trauma work that “fast is slow & slow is fast”

You can’t rush the process of healing (and attempting to do so can keep you stuck) BUT when you take it slow, the healing can happen faster than you think.


What do I need to know about Patterns?


When you sign up for patterns, you will receive weekly 1:1 coaching sessions, with me, Annabelle, for one month. (4 sessions total)

Sessions are done virtually over zoom and are 75min long.

Note: I do not currently offer month-to-month packages to the general public.

However, previous clients are eligible for month-to-month packages based on my availability.

How do I know if Patterns is right for me?

Patterns is perfect for you if…

  • You’re experiencing emotional numbness or want support managing emotions.

  • You’ve hit a wall with mindset coaching or therapy.

  • You're ready to “uplevel,” but are not sure what that really means or what you need to do next.

  • You keep finding yourself in repeated “bad habits” but can’t seem to shake them.

  • You have physical body pain with seemingly no cause or reason.

  • You're curious about what it’s like to work with me but want an easy way to start.

What if I don't know what my "Pattern" is?

It’s okay if you’re not sure about your pattern. You don't have to know. The first session is all about orienting to the pattern and we will follow your body to find it.

What is required of me?

What is required of you:

  • A strong sense of self-awareness

  • Open-mindedness & curiosity

  • Trust in the process

  • Willingness to explore lightweight practice or tracking process for you to do in between sessions. (ex: “notice this sensation throughout the week”)​

  • A grounded “YES” (If you’re considering this, take a moment to feel your body, what sensations are here? Tightness, softness, heat, tingling, etc.?)

  • You'll need a quiet space with a strong internet connection. 

  • $750 (Click here for a payment plan)

What happens after the 4 weeks?

At the end of the four weeks, we will have mapped the pattern and created more safety & regulation in your nervous system.


This work might lead to making big life changes, finding more clarity & deeper trust in your own intuition, or a sense of safety to express emotion.

Everyone is different, but I can promise a deeper awareness and understanding of your body, your patterns & your healing path.

You will also have the option to continue working with me long-term. Though it is not required or expected, 80% Of people who do patterns 'graduate' to long-term private coaching.

Why 4 sessions?

Can I just do 1?

Though many people have powerful breakthroughs in just one session, I find that working through a specific pattern for multiple sessions allows space for integration. Additionally,  for those who are very new to this type of coaching or therapy, I have found that it takes until the 2nd or 3rd session for things really begin to click and unfold. This work is slow and gentle and the space between sessions is very powerful. 

If you still have questions about patterns or would like to set up a payment plan, feel free to send me an email:

How do I sign up?

Click the button below. After you submit your payment, you'll be redirected to a page to schedule your your session. You'll then receive an email confirmation with details to prepare for your session.


After finishing Patterns with Annabelle, I felt more connected to myself and my divine feminine energy than I ever have. AB gave me the space to truly feel most myself and gave me hope and tools for living a more balanced, heart-centered life. 


I am eternally grateful for my time working with Annabelle. Whenever anyone asks about my sessions, I always say that it was better than my experience going to therapy.


I highly recommend Annabelle to anyone looking to take initiative with their own healing, whether you’re just beginning or if you have been committed for a long time. She always has deep insight to offer, no matter what you are struggling with. You will never meet a person more kind, thoughtful, patient, and willing to meet your needs. 
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