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 Private Coaching

3-6  months of  support through your personal evolution.

In addition to weekly coaching calls, you'll also get...

What is Long Term Coaching?

Long Term Coaching is a 3-6 month personalized 1:1 coaching experience for the individual who is ready to usher in the next level of their personal evolution.

This option works well for those looking for personal growth work to substitute therapy or to do in addition to psychotherapy & psychiatry.

My offerings have recently moved under The Truth is Love. To get set up with coaching, you'll need to book through there. Clicking on the button above will take you to that website.


A love letter to you,

Your soul chose to incarnate at the perfect place and the perfect time.

You chose to play, explore, learn, grow and express all of yourself.

But the world taught you that being all of yourself was "too much" and you learned that parts of you needed to hide, change, or get left behind in order to be accepted and loved.

It's time to be brave with your inner truth in a society that may not agree with you, and share your beautiful expression with the world.

It's time to re-train your mind to clear the perfectionism and self-criticism and

love yourself more deeply.

It's time to heal your nervous system from being numb and burned out to find safety & aliveness in who you are and what you feel.

It's time to feed your soul and reconnect to your cosmic knowing.

It's time to help the fragmented pieces of your identity come back together, so you can re-wild to the truth of whom you were always meant to be.

You'll leave this experience feeling more embodied, present, and fulfilled, with the discernment needed to break free from societal programming and boldly stand in your truth.


You'll develop the confidence you need to trust yourself in any situation and have the capacity to deeply love yourself and others without feeling overwhelmed and depleted.


Not to mention, the tools & exercises you learn during our time together will serve you for the rest of your life.

The time is now.

The world has been waiting for you to step forward into your power.


I'm here to guide you to your next-level self by helping you reprogram your subconscious and heal your nervous system so that you can access your next-level work, money, relationships, routines, and identity, and be the person you were meant to be.

This work is deep, but don't worry...

You were literally made for this.

"I've created a new relationship to my mind and body that pulls me toward my goals and dreams instead of feeling like I need to force myself there.
Feeling like I can show up as me authentically to reach my goals is such a beautiful gift.”

- R.D.

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