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22 Lessons from 2022

I feel like I'm stepping into this new year with brand new legs. Strong legs. Sturdy legs. Legs I'm not quite sure how to use yet. It resembles the scene from The Little Mermaid when Ariel washes up on the beach for the first time. Her magnificent green tail has vanished, and instead, you watch her stumbling around the beach trying to find her balance on two new limbs. Her legs are there, and they work - but she clearly hasn’t learned how to walk yet. 2022 was a chrysalis year for me. A year of turning to mush. A year of removing all the structures around my work and my time. A year of learning how to respect my body’s natural cycles of energy. A year of undoing, unlearning, unbecoming, and turning into an unformed blob. (This is the part they skipped in the Little Mermaid. Her tail had to turn to mush before it could be re-formed as 2 legs - that’s how magic works) You might look at the past year and say “oh that was so hard!” “I hated it - I struggled a lot” or “I'm glad that's over, lets start manifesting some new shit” But the truth is, if you just shrug off the hardship and try to skip ahead to manifest something new so you don’t have to think about the past year anymore, you’re missing the point. You'll be missing all of the lessons that hardship was there to teach you and be doomed to repeat them again. The truth, is that my year of mush was magic. So…while I am so excited to begin to move on from my mush form and actually learn to walk with my newly formed legs, I want to honor all of the valuable lessons & discoveries from my year of mush. I hope that as you read this, it inspires you to take inventory of your lessons from 2022 too. Take a deep breath. Feel your body settle into the posture that it’s in. And read:


01. Even the worse pain will pass. 02. Pressuring myself to achieve, actually creates the exact opposite result. I shut down. 03. Sometimes when you expand, you bump into other people. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. 04. It is possible to show up with strength and power without pushing or forcing yourself (this is a big piece of what I will be exploring this year) 05. The criticism that someone gives you isn’t always about you. 06. Usually the answer is “slow down” 07. Using red lights at night is dope. 08. There is so much beauty in experiencing suffering when you don’t become a victim to it. 09. My grandma thinks tiny figurines are hilarious, and I like buying them for her because I love to watch her laugh. 10. Done is better than perfect. 11. The most powerful thing I can do for the people around me is be present. 12. I sleep late because I go to bed late, not because I'm a bad person. 13. I can work less and make more money. 14. I am not going to get the answers I seek from coaches or psychics or “experts” - my answers are all in me & in my experience. 15. I'm not a worthless piece of shit when I’m not working. 16. Rage rooms are the best thing mankind has ever invented. 17. Perfect sex doesn’t exist. Sometimes it’s hot & steamy, sometimes it’s magical, sometimes it’s just ehh. It's going to be different every time. 18. Some of my deepest fears are actually quite funny. (ex: Feeling pleasure will make me explode) 19. Grief is the feeling you get when you're in two places at once. The present moment & the past. It is what happens when you touch the truth of life. 20. Leaving my phone on DND for days will lead to family members believing that I hate them. 21. It is possible to finish big projects without experiencing stress. 22. There is nothing wrong with me - I am just human.

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