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Triggers are a map to our healing & potential. 

POSSIBILITY is a new group program designed to teach you to unlock the power of triggers to increase your self-worth and live in your authentic expression.

It is POSSIBLE to...

  • Stop self sabatoging behaviors

  • Break repetitive thought loops 

  • Trust yourself

  • Heal your relationship with food, work, sex, social media, money, or work

  • Create more connection, love, and safety in your relationship 

  • Increase your self-worth 

  • Take your power back from limiting beliefs & thoughts 


It will be a 4-week-long group experience. Probably beginning in March.

You'll get group coaching support on weekly group zoom calls, a resource library (our work together will guide what I create and add to this library), and a copy of your own trigger-tracking system that you can use forever.


Because this is an exploratory round, I will ask you for detailed feedback on various components of the Trigger Tracker & tracking experience. 


Those of you who are interested must be enthusiastic and willing to fully participate.

This means attending all calls, diligently reflecting, and sharing constructive feedback.

Price: $200 


Drop your email below if you are interested in being a guinea pig for this program and test the new tool I've created to track, process, and heal your triggers and protection patterns. 

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