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Come take a class with me!



Below you'll find the list of classes I teach at a local studio in Austin, TX called Soma Moon Sanctuary

located at 5501 N. Lamar Blvd. Ste. A102. Austin, TX 78751

You can register for class using the links below or on Class pass!


Emotional Resilience

Wednesdays @ 7pm

A regular space to increase your emotional range and capacity for life. Learn techniques to manage stress & anxiety,  process emotions, get a chance to regulate yourself, and come back to being in connection with your personal power/truth/intuition.

You can think of it as if you were going to a fitness class, but for your emotions.

Formerly called "Embodiment Practice Group"

Reiki Circle

Every Tuesday @ 7pm

Be guided through meditation and Journaling to revitalize your own life-force energy, practice guided self-healing techniques to connect with your own lifeforce energy, and clear out the old energetic and mental clutter. Leave class refreshed and connected with your own magical intuitive gifts. 


Breath Work

Every Other Saturday @ 9:30am

Led by my partner Zach.

This class will support you in feeling more present, alive, and connected by pairing somatic tools with a powerful breath work ceremony for deep healing.

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