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Trauma Informed Purpose Coaching

Embody Your Soul Purpose



Annabelle Dura,

Trauma-Trained Purpose Coach

As a trauma-trained purpose coach, I work at the intersection of trauma and spirituality. My unique embodiment techniques support you in healing your nervous system to align with your life's purpose.



Emotional Warriors

Jiana O.

I am eternally grateful for my time working with Annabelle. Whenever anyone would ask about my sessions, I would always say that it is better than my experience going to therapy. I was struggling with organization and gaining the confidence in trusting my intuition when it was guiding me to places I was not comfortable. She always had the right questions that created some insights and a level of reflection I needed to get to the root of an underlying issue. Her centering practice has CHANGED my life. I have two children that, of course, can be high energy and it can be triggering at times but this practice has allowed me to stay connected to my body, stay centered, so I can not only handle them with a level-mind but my daily life as well. Working with Annabelle has been one of the BEST decisions I've made in my life.


What makes Annabelle's coaching so impactful is her ability to combine "woo-woo" spirituality with tangible action steps. It is like a mashup of therapy, coaching, and spiritual action steps all mixed into one. Just ONE session with her enabled me to take massive action where I once felt so fearful and I am still feeling the empowering ripple effects of it!


Annabelle is so intentional with every step of the coaching process. She made me feel so safe and grounded, even as we navigated some heavy topics.


She listened so well and repeated things back to me that I didn't even remember saying.


If you want to do the hard work in a safe space with someone who genuinely cares about your success, Annabelle's coaching is the best place to be.


Annabelle made me aware of my mindset around linear success that had been ingrained in my mind when I was a kid and that was holding me back now. Annabelle helped me form new beliefs around what success is for me in order to grow into a new version of myself that is successful, purposeful, and confident.


 I've created a new relationship to my mind and body that pulls me toward my goals and dreams naturally instead of feeling like I need to force myself there. I feel like I can show up authentically to reach my goals and that is such a beautiful gift. Annabelle is incredibly good at what she does.


Annabelle is very aligned with her intuition & she is incredibly present when you're doing work with her. She guides you to understand what you need and what your body is trying to tell you.


I have worked with Annabelle for many years and every time I work with her it is perspective-shaking, eye-opening, and truly life-changing.


In our most recent session, AB encouraged me to talk and listen to specific parts of my body such as my reproductive organs, my lungs, and specific muscles. At first, I was nervous but AB provided such an open, honest, and safe place. I found myself able to connect deeply with parts of my body. I could physically feel ways that I was chronically fighting myself and my own body.


Annabelle has held many keys for me to unlock whatever lesson life has next for me. I can’t say enough how amazing working with AB is. If you are ready to have your life change, you need to work with her.


 My sessions with Annabelle have been monumental for me. I'm finally finally getting the things I've been waiting for in all of my years of CBT therapy. Connection to myself.



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