Throughout my experience, small business utilize interns as “cheap labor” which can result in a one-sided relationship which wastes time & resources instead of multiplying them. My role is to give both interns and employer a fruitful experience by making sure interns are educated on their responsibilities through training activities and program outlines (think syllabus), while delegating tasks, managing projects, and offering assistance & support whenever necessary.

Social Media Management

Make sure your business is consistent and profitable by keeping the integrity of the brand & developing marketing strategy. Allow me to develop a creative content strategy and manage all social media accounts to provide a stress free and hands off experience.

Project Management

Provide support for businesses to execute goals more effectively, and efficiently manage and refine tasks. I will be available and present from plan to execution.


An experience that allows clients to get feedback and extra support with the following topics through regular consulting sessions:

  • Branding

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Strategic Planning

  • Web Development

  • Copy Writing

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